DAY 1 – 10 DAY BUILD – E21 S54

Ok, so one day down, and yes, it was purely a tear down! Not much technical info here. Took us 4 hours to get to this point on a Saturday Afternoon.

Car got picked up today from my place:


Made some space and put the car on the lift:

img_4933Major components removed today.

Front Suspension - Going 100% poly and GC:

img_4934 img_4936 img_4937 img_4938 img_4948

Engine/Transmission/Driveshaft/Exhaust. It's was leaking something fierce.

img_4950 img_4955 img_4956


Rear Suspension - Dropped right down:

img_4939 img_4940 img_4941 img_4942 img_4943 img_4944 img_4945 img_4946

Some pics of the underbody and tunnel:

img_4957 img_4958 img_4959

Compared the driveshafts. Most likely, that will dictate the location of the engine position and as a result, i must define that position as soon as possible. If I determine that the position is too far forward, I will have no choice but to cut the driveshaft and position the assembly further back. This will result in time lost and more cash spent, but it's important, and a one-time deal.

You can see below that the new driveshaft is much shorter, and the Center bearing location is much further back. This can easily be remedied by welding some metal relocation brackets. This will be documented in the next few posts

img_4960 img_4963 img_4962 img_4964

You look below you can see some new products coming out, using a custom Garagistic part for E30-LS1 driveshafts. This U joint will handle up to 1000hp easily and be provided exclusively by Garagistic's LS1 powered E30.

img_4968 img_4970

Sunday is an off day .Restarting on Monday, at which point, I have the following list to-do.

  1. Siphon the gas out of the tank, if necessary.
  2. Do whatever it takes to get that E30 rear subframe to fit
  3. Cut out all unneeded sheetmetal from the assembly. Battery, trans tunnel, rear wheel well.
  4. Hang muffler in place.

Standby for more on Monday!

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