Project Ares - Boosterless E30 brakes

Project Ares - Boosterless E30 brakes

Being that we are going with a V8 in the Ares E30, we had to go boosterless. Although there are Hydro setups out there as well retrofitted e32/e34 booster relocation kit out there for the e30. They all have serious faults. For Example, the hydro-setup is incredibly cluttered in an already packed engine bay. The e32/e34 us cluttered as well and means more fabwork to brace the wheel well that it gets bolted to. We had it on our M60 V8 E30 Lela and it left alot to be desired from the brakes.

Our boosterless setup is very well thought out. When most people think boosterless, they think, turn the car off and roll down a hill and try to stop the car kinda feeling. Its not like that at all! To make up from not being vacuum assisted, the bore sized on our wilwood boosterless setup is much smaller. 5/8 for the front brakes, 5/8 for the rear and 3/4 for the clutch. Not only are the bore sizes smaller which make the effort to stop the car less, but the pedal ratio is now 6.25:1. This further assist you in braking effort.

We made a few tweeks to our production version for the Ares project to make it easier to work with with. We welded the nuts onto the bracket and the top 3 bolts to make it a one man job to remove them.

We also wanted a way to mount a neat tilton reservoir, so we modified our production version upper plate to include a 90 degree bend to hold the tilton setup/fluid.

This then brought on the creation of our Boosterless plumbing kit.  We needed a way to block the stock boosterless hole setup and a way to route the new lines cleanly through.

We will also be installing a Tilton Remote Brake Bias Adjuster Knob to be able to fine tune everything.

In the future we will be installing a wilwood big brake setup. For now, we had e36 m3 laying around, so we used that for the front setup and z3 stuff out back.  Something we will need to revisit soon.

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