Project Ares - E30 diffuser system and spare wheel well delete

Project Ares - E30 diffuser system and spare wheel well delete

We wanted to experiment with the aero on Ares. So the trunk wheel well had to go. We made a delete panel and removed the spare wheel well because the new diffuser system would then occupy the space that it use to be in.

So we made a delete panel and modified it from our production version by adding a quick release system. This would give us an panel to be able to check on the differential and some rear suspension components when we needed to without needing the remove the diffuser setup.

We want the diffuser system to run most of the length of the car. There would be a cut out for our M coupe diff cover to stick out from so it can do what it does best. Cool the diff.

That meant that the exhaust would need to go somewhere else. We didnt like the idea of a side dump (and we didn't want to kit our Pandem kit). So we decided to have a similar look to the DTM E30 cars and run it through the trunk. Why not?

It runs through the spare wheel well delete and on either side of where the licence plate would go. It would be tucked away so it couldn't get damaged and at the same time away from our diffuser setup. We then welded up the stock cutout panel because it would no longer be used.

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