Project Ares - Steering setup on the Super e30

Project Ares - Steering setup on the Super e30

Sticking with the modular theme, we wanted the steering system to be no different. Obviously we were going to go with a quicker steering setup over the school bus setup of the e30. That ended up being a Z3 rack. Paired with our steering rack conversion kit it bolted right up. For the outer tie rods we made adjustable versions that were a little lighter, beefier, offered more adjustment and allowed bump steer adjustment. These are made to order. Common use is for guys who use e46 lower  control arms.

For the steering column we went with our competition steering shaft. Its made from 2 e46 steering shafts. It is more compact which allows the LS1 headers to wrap around (and its still a tight fit). It also make the shaft much tighter feeling because it eliminates the stock rubber rag unit that disconnect the feeling of the road from the steering wheels.

We then added AN conversion fittings so we can retain power steering and run lines to the LS1 power steering pump. More details to come!

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