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Solid Shifter VS Supreme Shifter

Solid mount shifter or Supreme shifter?

Below are the main differences are between the supreme and chassis shifter, as well as which is best suited for who.

To start, the OEM+ Supreme shifter is going to cater to most people. It improves on everything that the OEM shifter does and takes it even one step further than an OEM refresh. If you install a DSSR, our shifter bushing kit, the supreme shifter, and replace your selector joint, your shifter will feel far better than new. You can use OEM transmission and engine mount bushings with this setup which keeps things quiet in the cabin. The throws are smooth and crisp but not extremely notchy and short. Best suited for any streetcar which may see some tracktime!

The solid shifter is a complete departure from the OEM shifter. It completely simplifies the shifter assembly and eliminates the carrier completely. This makes installation extremely easy and completely reversible. In addition this shifter offers extremely short and notchy throws. It's simple and gets the job done, definitely giving the car a race car style feel. However from my personal experience, I would not recommend installing a solid shifter in a car with a worn out transmission and bad bushings. Everything is solid mounted in this shifter so it will emphasize any other slop in the shifter assembly and transmission.

You'll need to run poly or solid engine and trans bushings with the solid shifter. These feel great while driving and give you amazing road feedback, but the downside is a fair bit of added vibration at idle. If you have rattling panels, try and secure them before installing solid bushings.

Long story short

Solid shifter is the way to go for a race feel – but be prepared to freshen up the rest of your shifter assembly and possibly your transmission if you want it to be perfect.

On the other side, the Supreme OEM+ shifter is the way to go for majority of people. It's extremely livable and very satisfying. Perfect for the exciting daily, or even the track car!


Video breakdown on the solid mount shifter:

Video break down on the Supreme shifter:

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