BMW M6x V8 E30 and E36 Bare Conversion Mounts (M60/S62)
BMW M6x V8 E30 and E36 Bare Conversion Mounts (M60/S62)
BMW M6x V8 E30 and E36 Bare Conversion Mounts (M60/S62)
BMW M6x V8 E30 and E36 Bare Conversion Mounts (M60/S62)
BMW M6x V8 E30 and E36 Bare Conversion Mounts (M60/S62)
BMW M6x V8 E30 and E36 Bare Conversion Mounts (M60/S62)

BMW M6x V8 E30 and E36 Bare Conversion Mounts (M60/S62)


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It's here! Our M6X motor swap conversions for your M60/M62 swap into your E30 or E36! These motor mounts allow you to put BMWs M6X series V8 into your E30 or E36. That means the V8 from your E34 540i, E32 740i, E39 530,540 or M5. No hacking of the car is needed (completely reversible). E36 conversions will require custom oil pan.

Subframe spacers come with every kit, however, they are actually optional in the conversion. The spacers will lower the subframe to the keep the drive-line straighter and giving more under-hood clearance for the BMW plastic covers as well as if you decide to use the E32/E34 radiator reservoir. We recommend using X5 headers in the E30 conversions. For more tips and the whole conversion write-up. Click here. If you want a more details on the M60/S62 swap.

We fully endorse the MACALENT LLC swap guide. This guide is extremely detailed! It gets down into the details, part numbers, order of items and tons more! It goes into detail on the swap so that any shady-tree mechanic can do this swap in less than 1 month with $1000 investment (assuming they have the the car and drive-train already acquired). This is the best investment you can do before starting the swap. Click here to buy the manual. Please keep in mind the custom nature of these parts. Please allow about 2 week for delivery. X5 or milled down oil housings are required.

Features include
  • Incredibly strong: Cad designed and tested
  • 1/4 plate construction
  • Fully tig welded (certified)
  • 10.9 grade subframe hardware
  • Two mounting positions included:
    • Front mounting points can be used if you do not want the engine to touch the firewall
    • Rear mounting points can be used if you want better weight distribution and more space in front of the engine for cooling (We reserve the right to change design, look and specifications without notice) M60 E30 motor mount conversion M60 subframe spacers
    • EVERY E30 / E36 V8 KIT INCLUDES: M6x E30 or E36 motor mounts Optional Subframe spacers (10.9 hardware included).

Boosterless Brake Setup

The brake booster relocation is the hardest part of the V8 into E30 swap. The factory booster is in the way. Some choose to use E32/E34 booster setup and relocate behind the headlight. This is costly, requires lots of custom work, clusters engine bay, and requires the removal or relocation of the complete abs setup including brake lines. With this boosterless brake setup bracket, swap time is shorter, and swap is cleaner. Our boosterless brake bracket allows you to use wilwood or tilton pedals/master cylinders. Everything is relocated tightly and neatly under the dash in the factory pedal area. When the conversion is done, its all hidden! Simply mount the reservoirs in your engine bay and that's the only give away. We recommend using masters with 5/8" bore front and rear. These are the most compact masters and the smaller bore means that effort will be bearable. General rule of thumb: Bigger bores: Minimal pedal travel/stiffer pedal/higher pedal effort. Smaller bores: Long pedal travel/softer pedal/less pedal effort. All grade 8 hardware included. Pedals/master cylinders are not included and must be bought.

6 Speed Transmission Extension Brackets

When swapping in a BMW 6 speed transmission, the additional length of the transmission means you cannot use your factory transmission brace. You will need to "extend it". To do this, you need these pre-cut trans bracket extension brackets. Simply weld them onto your factory brace and you 6 speed is mounted!

Garagistic e30 m60 / m62 engine swap mount instructions:

With our motor mount conversions there isnt too much involved to actually get your v8 into your e30. However there are some things that need to happen. Bmw made the driver side motor mount on many m60 and m62 cars with an oil block built in. You must either mill your existing block down, or alternatively you can use an x5 oil block for the conversions.



e30 m60 mounts

Passenger side does not require cutting if factory AC bracket is removed. if you would like to keep AC in your conversion, the bracket must be milled down in a similar fashion.

Both sides use factory bolts. Torque Arms to engine = 47nm. Subframe bolts = 30 ft-lbs

e30 m60 swap

e30 m60 swap

X5 headers are required for e30 m6x swaps. e32/e34 headers will require heavy modification to work. X5 has better clearance for steering rack as well.

Motor mounts (rubber):

Any e32/e34/e39 v8 motor mounts will work. E28 m5 motor mounts are also possible. Please keep in mind though that some mounts have different heights then others. Most will not cause any issues. However, we have had some engine mounts become very low after they "settle" and the oil pan ends up being very close to steering racks (in e36 conversions). Some people have simply ground away a tiny bit of the pan, others gone to higher mounts. Please keep these things in mind.

We recommend using e39 525TDS motor mounts.  (part number: 22111094248)

e30 m60 swap

e30 m60 swap