BMW e28 odometer/trip repair kit - Broken e28 odometer, e28 odometer repair

The common Classic BMW e28 odometer problem:

Like most odometers in classic BMWs, your e28s odometer probably long stopped counting miles driven and trip odometers do not work. We have a solution to fix this problem without breaking the bank, with some basic tools, some time, and our gears; it is an easy fix!


Every E28 odometer gear kit includes:

The three gears that need replacement are included as well as the spacer to keep the gears from moving into each other. The factory gears become soft over time (imagine how a stale Oreo cookie would feel when broke in half; that is what the gears in your current broken gauge feels like). These gears are quality made with better then OEM material with a quality fit and finish. These gears will outlive your car!

e28 odometer gears
e28 odometer gears
e28 odometer gears

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