E30 13 Button OBC LED Light Bar Install Guide - K0778

E30 LED OBC Light Bar Install Instructions - K0778


This assumes you already have a 13 button OBC installed in your car.



  • Flashlight
  • Small/Regular Sized Phillips Screwdriver
  • Small/Regular Flathead Screwdriver
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Tools to Remove Your Head Unit (Head Unit Specific)

Example of broken light bar (led for buttons may still work)

With new Garagistic LED installed

Step 1

Remove these pieces highlighted to take the HVAC panel off.
*Removal of your radio is recommended but requires a specific tool depending on your radio.

 Fan Speed, Air Temperature temperature and Air Direction slider knobs pull straight off.

Step 2

Use a small flathead screwdriver or pick to carefully pull out switches.

Step 3

Use small flathead screwdriver or pick to remove this panel to expose 4 screws which you will then remove.

Step 4

Remove these four hidden screws

The other pair of hidden screws are underneath the HVAC panel above the ashtray

Step 4

Once it looks like this, you can now carefully pull out the HVAC part way.

Be sure to unplug this harness behind the fan speed controller 


Step 5

Unplug your OBC by carefully using a small flathead screwdriver to release the plastic clip.


Your HVAC should now be completely removed.

Step 6

Remove the 4 screws holding the OBC in place


Step 7


Locate the OBC light on the side of the OBC and remove it carefully using pliers.

Step 8

Carefully move this tab on the board circled below to allow you to pull out the old bulb/board.

OEM 13 Button OBC Light vs Garagistic 13 Button OBC LED



Step 9

Insert the new Garagistic LED Conversion board.



Garagistic LED Conversion -


Step 10

Plug back in the harness for the OBC and test it out with your key in the ignition and lights on.

Step 11

Reassemble your HVAC panel by following the steps in reverse an you're all good to go! 

Enjoy your lit OBC!