E30 Euro clock install

How to install an e30 euro spec clock into your US model e30

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e30 euro clock wiring

This page is dedicated to helping you wire your European analog clock into an E30. This is a sweet addition to our US/NA spec cars! The euro clock upgrade will also fit e28 cars.

Tools needed to install euro clock

  • correct harness plug (included in our kit)
  • flashlight
  • small Phillips screw driver
  • Phillips regular size
  • flat head regular size
  • tools to remove your head unit (head unit specific)
  • connectors
  • wire cutters
  • wire crimper
  • philips screw driver

Step 1: OBC removal

Start here

e30 euro clock wiring

Step 2: Remove radio

Remove face plate and trim piece around the radio.


You are going to then need to use the tools (from your headunit) to remove the head unit


Plug the tools into the sides of the head unit. Once they click, pull the head unit outwards slowly. See picture below.

Unplug the wiring harness from the back of the radio (along with antenna). It's easier to have these things out of the way.

Step 3

Pop out the switches from behind

Switches popped out

Unplug them because the screws needed to remove the panel are behind them.

next remove the control knobs for the vents

and the heater selector knob

Step 4

just pull directly outwards and they pop right out

to remove the plastic panel there are 2 ways to do it.

most people can get by with protecting there flat screwdriver

with some electrical tape

prying the panel outward

option two is a dental pick with a hook on one end

Step 5

insert the hook end into the panel and pull outward

once the plastic panel is removed you have access to the screws

remove the 4 screws

Step 6

next there are 4 screws holding the entire radio/hvac panel in place

top right screw

different angle

Step 7

bottom right

this is why you need a small Phillips not very much room to work in

another angle of the bottom right

Step 8

bottom left

another angle of the bottom left

Step 9

You also need to pop this switch out

this can be done by pushing it out from behind

the narrow plastic panel underneath the instrument cluster

overlaps on to the radio/hvac blank that we are trying to

remove. you need to sneak this out by pulling the radio

panel out more on the right side then the left.

Step 10

right side out before the left side

Step 11

now that its almost out you need to pull on the connector in the

red circle its the fan speed switch

pry the green connector plug out by fitting a flat head screwdriver

on the black tab on the green connector and wedge it out.

Step 12

Step 13

put the panel on a table or work space

remove the 4 Philips screws indicated by the arrows

this removes the obc from the panel

If your car came with a 6 button obc, the bracket is the correct one that holds in the euro clock. Simply switch into your e30 clock.

Wiring your euro clock

e30 euro clock

As you probably noticed, the OBC harness has about 12 wires, only 4 of those wires are needed to get the euro spec clock working.  The analog clock has a number above each pin. They are:

30- Power
31- Ground
58k- Light power
31g- Light ground

On clock harness side cut these wires and connect them:
red/white - Power(constant 12v)
brown - Ground
gray/red -Light power
brown/white - Light ground

Connect wires and reverse order to install panel! Enjoy!