e30 m60 wiring


It is preferred to get a 404 (0 261 200 404 Motronic m3.3) DME from a manual V8 car (well, for a manual swap anyway). Although a automatic harness will work and you could remove the additional wires needed for the auto transmission.The 404 ecu does not have the dreaded ews security system (BMW alarm that will not start the car if it does not detect the original chip inside the ignition key). The ews system complicates stuff alot (484 DME). Although it is possible to get the ring, key, chip, ews system and all the wiring and wire it into the e30. Its easier to go the 404 dme way.

E30 cars will use the C101 connector in the car  and match that with the engine harness connector.  (thats what that chart below will help you with).

Cliff notes: Get a 0 261 200 404 Motronic M3.3 DME because it simplifies wiring your e30 swap.

e30 m6x RPM Tach signal:

E30s came with coding chips in the bottom right hand side of the cluster. The coding chips basically allowed BMW to use the same clusters and just use a different chip for whatever engine the e30 had. So a 4 cylinder had a 4 cyl coding chip. A 6 cylinder had to use a a 6cyl coding chip. To get the v8 signal to work you must switch to a 4 cyl chip/white coding plug (65 81 1 394 111 is off an m42 e30 and would work). Then you need to half the signal from pin 47 from the ECU.

In order to "half" the signal and get your tach working we offer a module that can be wired inline. Details here: e30 v8 signal module.

Note: Both 4cyl coding plug and Garagistic signal module are to be used together.

NOTE: The DME's get really hot (that's why there's the temp-sensor and fan in the original DME-casing), so it's advisable to organize some kind of fan / air exchange for them.

href="http://store.garagistic.com/ocart/bmw-e30-parts/bmw%20motor%20swap/e30%20v8%20rpm%20tach" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">e30 v8 rpm signal module

That takes care of your tach signal.

Here we have supplied you with a pin-out diagram so you can wire your m60 to your e30 C101 connector. This should only be used for reference.

M60 wiring (404 DME with no ews)

89 E30 Wires

95 M60 V8 Engine wires (non vanos)



blue blue 25
Oil level static 2 green/yellow blue/white 1
x 3 x x x
Coolant temperature gauge 4 brown/purple brown/yellow 11

Oil pressure switch-indicator

5 brown/green brown/green 23
O2 sensor heater relay 6 green/white green/white 22
Ignition switch to DME 7 green green 21
DME (fuel rate) to consumption gauge 8 white/black white/black 24
DME (engine speed out) to tachometer 9 black black 20
Oil level dynamic 10 blue blue/yellow 2
Service reset 11 white/green white/green 19
DME-check engine indicator 12 grey grey 8
Fuel pump 13 green/violet green/violet 13
Vehicle speed-cluster to DME 14 black/white black/white 14
Negative to starter solenoid 15 black/green green/black 1.5
Diagnostic connector pin 6 16 white/black white/violet 17
x 17 x x x
Ignition switch 18 black/yellow yellow/black
x 19 x x x
ABS-power to pin 10 on ABS unit 20 red/yellow red/blue 1,5

e30 m60 wiring


M62 wiring

Wiring an m62 is much more complicated due to bmw EWS system. EWS is BMWS Electronic vehicle immobilization system. We will update this section with more info soon!


Pin assignments (aka X6011)

Pin Description B: Socket housing
S: Pin housing
1 Terminal 15 B: Unloader relay terminal 15
S: Ignition switch
2 Terminal 15 B: DME control unit
S: Fuse F14
3 Start signal terminal 50 B: Start relay
S: Electronic immobilizer control unit (EWS)
4 Diagnosis signal TXD B: Connector TXD
S: Connector TXD
5 Not used
6 Terminal 15 B: Connector terminal 15
S: Integrated electronic control unit (IKE)
7 Terminal 87 B: Connector, terminal 87
S: Fuse F31
8 Signal, terminal 50 B: DME control unit
S: Ignition switch
9 Signal, alternator D+ (terminal 61) B: Generator
S: Integrated electronic control unit (IKE)
10 Remote thermometer signal (negative) B: Dual temperature switch
S: Integrated electronic control unit (IKE)
11 Remote thermometer signal (positive) B: Dual temperature switch
S: Integrated electronic control unit (IKE)
12 Ground activation, terminal 85 B: DME control unit
S: Fuel pump relay 1



M62 using m60 dme and wiring

It is possible to get the .4 extra liter displacement. This requires a bit more work, but does offer a nice advantage. Basically, you get to use the m60 4.0 dme and harness to fire the 4.4 m62. It will run on the 4.0 dme, but you will not be getting everything out of your m62 and will require a tune. Read all about it here: garagistic.com/pages/garagistic-m6x-swap-guide-electrical