Garagistic Chassis Solid Mount Shifter Instructions- Covers E30, E36, E46, E28

Garagistic Chassis Solid Mount Shifter Instructions 

After you've removed the factory shifter, get a helper or blocks of wood to help with the bottom ring. No drilling is necessary, the base of the shifter and the bottom ring will sandwich the transmission tunnel.

Solid mount Review and Installation video:


Written Instructions:

Step 1: If someone is helping with the installation have the helper crawl under vehicle hold the bottom ring against the shifter hole. If attempting to install alone, hold the bottom ring against the shifter hole and wedge in pieces of wood to support the mount. Be sure not the block the hole so the shifter assembly can sit flush from inside the vehicle.

Step 2: Sit in the passenger seat and carefully lower the shifter assembly to its proper position to line up the holes and start with 2 bolts on opposite sides with 3/16 hex socket or T-handle to secure the bottom ring.

Step 3: Once secured start putting in the remaining bolts and tighten in a cross pattern Removable loctite is optional on these bolts.

Step 4: Install your DSSR, if purchased, or the selector rod to set the throw to your preference. This process will take a bit of time and will consist of removing the two 3/32 hex set screws twisting the bottom portion of the shifter to either extend or shorten the throw and removing and reinstalling the pin holding the DSSR or selector rod on the shfiter side multiple times.

Step 5: Once the proper throw has been achieved install the two set screws with a drop of blue loctite. The adjustment part of the lower half of the shifter has to be aligned with the grooved part so the set screws can properly lock in and not damage the threads

Step 6: Go and enjoy your garagistic Chassis Solid Mounted Short Shifter!!



The threaded adapter converts our threaded Garagistic shift knob into an OEM style knob that clicks in place with the slot.

In order to install an OEM shift knob onto the shifter, the threaded Garagistic shift knob and adapter has to be removed.

Removal of the threaded adapter requires that you turn the Garagistic shift knob several times to expose about 4 or 5 threads of the adapter.

Then once the Garagistic shift knob has been threaded off this much, the shift knob (with the threaded adapter) will pull right off.

To install an OEM knob, simply click it down into place.



When testing the shifter, with vehicle off, if the shifter does not spring back to the center on its own or if theres any excessive binding within the shifter do not road test the vehicle! Please contact us and we will assist you with any issues.





This instructional guide is intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products. In no event shall Garagistic be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental injuries or damages whatsoever.