Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Carbon Canister

The carbon canister is mainly to there to maintain the pressure in the fuel tank when fuel is depleted to prevent a negative atmospheric pressure. I utilized the E30 carbon canister due to its matched specifications to that of the E30 and the fuel tank. Make sure you still utilize the check valve and the wiring. I used the E34 wiring as shown earlier.


- Various TIME & $$

1Hrs & $5


Please see the wiring section of CARBON CANISTER WIRING to see how to wire up the carbon canister. This section shows how/where to install it now that you have much less room in the engine bay.

Mounting of the Carbon Canister is not difficult, but finding a location for it to be mounted is. With fewer spots in the E30 engine bay to install peripherals, I decided to install he canister on the passenger side behind the wheel well as shown in Figure 193.

Not only must you install the carbon canister and wire it, but you also must plumb it. You must attach the hose to the E30 and to do that in this position, you must use a 3/8” hose & clamp to route over the transmission tunnel from the E30 pipe to the carbon canister check valve. This is shown in Figure 194.

To help support, additional plumbing schematic is configured in Figure 195. Here I show the plumbing from the Car to the Canister to the engine.

While it may be difficult to see, the carbon canister is mounted in said location as shown in Figure 193. It is in close proximity to the cylinder head, but not close at all to the exhaust, which runs well beneath it.