How to install keyless entry

How to install keyless entry


You central locking system has to be functioning properly for this keyless entry system to work.

Tools required

wire cutters


soldering iron

heat shrink


electrical tape

8mm socket and ratchet


Omega Research rec 43t 

longer screw

premium power amp bracket

inline fuse holder

10 amp fuse

First step

remove your driver side 1/4 panel trunk lining

Second step

locate the power antenna

un bolt the 8mm nut for the ground

un clip the white plug for the harness

and remove it from the car


Third step

remove the stock bracket

check your local hardware store for a screw a little longer than the stock one.

Fourth step

install bracket

Fifth step


no need to worry this one is easy

the unit comes with 2 set of wiring harnesses

first harness is black red blue green

2nd harness has only 3 wires you only need to use the blue & green.

on the power antenna that you removed earlier

there are 2 wires on a white plug


after testing the yellow wire before unplugging the antenna this wire gets constant power with the key out of the ignition.

but i wanted to modify it on the antenna side of the wiring to leave the original factory wiring intact.


removed some insulation on the red antenna wire

attach the inline fuse holder and twist the wires together

solder and then wrap it in electrical tape

I picked the same spot as the factory uses for a ground.

I added an eyelet connector to the ground.


attached a remote control antenna to the unit to extend the range

I placed this up inside of the c pillar



ground goes here

the lock and un lock wires come from the blue and green wires on the 3 harness plug

and go into the cars wiring for the trunk actuator.

there are 2 harnesses in that area its the thicker one of the two.

Green black chassis harness goes to green

Green purple chassis harness goes to blue


with the extended antenna i can get more range than i actually need

I zip-tied the module onto that bracket I pictured earlier.