Led obc light bar install guide

E30 LED OBC LIGHT install


This assumes you already have a 13 button obc installed in your car.

- If you don't you can follow this guide on the process involved in getting to your obc.

-All that's left is plugging the 13 button obc harness

-Green plug at the obc

- Yellow connector at the cluster

- Blue connector at the turn signal

( only if you have the turn signal that toggles through the obc menu)

- White connector to outside air temperature sensor

- Green 4 pin connector to code box.



  • flashlight
  • small Phillips screw driver
  • Phillips regular size
  • flat head regular size
  • small needle nose pliers
  • tools to remove your head unit (head unit specific)

e30 led obc tools


broken light bar

bulb for the buttons still works

e30 obc light

Step 1

Start here

e30 obc light led

Step 2

remove the face plate

remove the trim piece

bmw obc

Step 3

tools to remove the head unit

- it helps to bend them outwards

bmw obc light

Step 4

plug the tools into the sides of the head unit

once they click pull the headunit outwards slowly

bmw stereo

3 wiring harness behind the head unit

radio antenna

i pod

stereo( +)( - )(switched power) (each corner speaker)

bmw stereo removal

Step 5

unplug the black head unit connector

led obc

Step 6

unplug antenna

bmw obc

Step 7

unplug i pod

bmw obc

Step 8

push these wires into the dash to keep them out of the way

bmw obc

Step 9

pop out the switches from behind

bmw defrost button


switches popped out

bmw hvac

Step 10

unplug them as they are in the way of the screws

bmw e30 harness

next remove the control knobs for the vents

and the heater selector knob

e30 obc

Step 11

just pull directly outwards and they pop right oute30 13 button

to remove the plastic panel there are 2 ways to do it.

most people can get by with protecting there flat screwdriver

with some electrical tape

obc tool

prying the panel outward

bmw obc tool

option two is a dental pick with a hook on one end

bmw tool

Step 12

insert the hook end into the panel and pull outward

e30 hvac

just so you can picture what your trying to accomplish


once the plastic panel is removed you have access to the screws

remove the 4 screws

bmw e30 panel

Step 13

led obc

Step 14

next there are 4 screws holding the entire radio/hvac panel in place

top right screw

obc panel

different angle

e30 panel

Step 15

bottom right

this is why you need a small Phillips not very much room to work in

e30 heater switch

another angle of the bottom right

e30 screw

Step 16

bottom left

e30 interior

another angle of the bottom left


Step 17

missing the picture for the top left screw but its in the 2nd from the left opening at the top

Step 18

you also need to pop this switch out

e30 obc

this can be done by pushing it out from behind

e30 obc removal

e30 instructions

the narrow plastic panel underneath the instrument cluster

overlaps on to the radio/hvac blank that we are trying to

remove. you need to sneak this out by pulling the radio

panel out more on the right side then the left.

e30 obc light bar

Step 19

right side out before the left side

e30 obc light bar

Step 20

now that its almost out you need to pull on the connector in the

red circle its the fan speed switch

e30 obc light bar

pry the green connector plug out by fitting a flat head screwdriver

on the black tab on the green connector and wedge it out.

e30 obc light bar

Step 21

e30 obc light bar

Step 22

put the panel on a table or work space

remove the 4 Philips screws indicated by the arrows

this removes the obc from the panel

e30 obc light bar

Step 23

with the obc free pull the light bar out with some needle nose pliers

e30 obc light bar

old vs. new

new led  from Garagistic

old burnt out on the bottom

e30 obc light bar

Step 24

plug the light bar back in

plug the green connector back in the obc

check if your unit is working properly

e30 obc light bar

Step 25-49

assembly is the same steps but in reverse


daytime shot

e30 obc light bar

night time shot

e30 obc light bar