m62 engine using m60 dme

M62 using m60 dme and wiring

You will need: M60 4.0 dme, M60 front chain cover (or front trigger mount cut from m60 front chain cover to be welded on your m62 front chain cover), front crank trigger wheel, alot of patience!

This requires a bit more work than the other two methods, however; it does offer a nice advantage. This method is for people who have an m62 and do not have the ews, key, ring etc etc or simply do not want the complications of the ews system in the wiring.

Basically, you get to use the m60 4.0 dme and harness to fire the 4.4 m62. It will run on the 4.0 dme, but you will not be getting everything out of your m62 and will require a tune. Since you would be getting a tune anyway, try to add the m60 intake manifold to your m62. They flow better. We offer this tune when you send in your DME. Please inquire.

In order to do this the cam sensor wheel needs to be modified. The m62 uses a hall effect where the m60 uses a dowel on the wheel. In order to fix this, the correct tooth on the hall effect sensor must be identified, and all other cut. You will then need to bend this back bit as the cam cover is narrower them the m60 version and the m60 sensor will then work without any clearance issues. A forum how to and pictures can be found here

The other modification required is the use of the front trigger for the crank. You have a couple options here. 1 (best) - you get the m60 trigger mount piece from an m60 and get it welded on your m62 front chain case cover. This will ensure the best seal. 2 (ok) - Use the m60 front chain case. Although this works, BMW changed the gaskets on both upper mount on the m62 to be a thick ribber piece instead of a gasket. So getting the bottom to sit and seal right will require effort, but is possible. 3 (food for thought/experimentation). We were looking at the front crank trigger from an m60 and the flywheel crank trigger. They both have the same number of teeth (52?). So in theory you should be able to use either method to for the m60 dme. You can either extend the transmission flywheel sensor from the m62 to mount and fire off the traditional m60 front mount. The other option is to completly avoid changing any front chain covers, keep your m62 version and get the m60 DME to fire using the transmission mounted sensor from the m62. We have not tried this personally, so if you do please let us know your findings. We are in this together!

NOTE: The DME's get really hot (that's why there's the temp-sensor and fan in the original DME-casing), so it's advisable to organize some kind of fan / air exchange for them.

m60 to m62 conversion