E21 Rear Subframe Bushings - 316, 318, 320
E21 Rear Subframe Bushings - 316, 318, 320
E21 Rear Subframe Bushings - 316, 318, 320
E21 Rear Subframe Bushings - 316, 318, 320

E21 Rear Subframe Bushings - 316, 318, 320


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Introducing the E21 specific rear subframe bushings! Unlike other brands, this does not require used core returns. We make this specifically to be 100% bolt up for your E21. Carriers are TIG welded for superior strength and then hit with heavy black powder coat to insure they last a lifetime. As with all the bushings (which we make in house, in the USA), these are available in three options, 85A, 95A, and delrin (those different hardness are explained below).

These will significantly reduce E21 rear body roll by keeping your subframe solid in the car. At the age of these E21s, the original rear subframe bushings are very worn out and usually make the car appear to have lots of negative camber for this reason. Our E21 rear subframe bushings will reduce the negative rear camber (especially on lowered E21s. This is a life saver when it comes to fixing the cause of uneven tire wear!

Price is for one rear subframe bushing pair, complete for one vehicle. This is one of the most dramatic modifications you can do to your E21.

This kit is an absolute must for your all out track, autocross, or drift E21 monster. Comes in three options, 85A (soft poly), 95A (hard poly) and delrin (race only). 85A polyurethane E21 rear subframe bushings are meant for that OEM + feel. That means you want a subtle upgrade for your street car without to much of a compromise in comfort, these are a happy medium. 85A are designed for the street enthusiast. 95A is great for dual purpose aggressive street and track applications. Derlin is best for race application only.

Lifetime warranty! These will last forever. They’re far more durable than rubber!


The stock E21 subframe bushings deflect and allow the rear semi-trailing arms to move in all kinds of unwanted directions causing an overall instability. At the E21 current age, your stock bushings are likely to be disintegrated.

Comes with a lifetime