E30 X Brace (Cross Brace) -318, 325, M3-Steel parts-Garagistic-Red-Garagistic
E30 X Brace (Cross Brace) -318, 325, M3-Steel parts-Garagistic-Black-Garagistic
E30 X Brace (Cross Brace) -318, 325, M3-Steel parts-Garagistic-Red-Garagistic
E30 X Brace (Cross Brace) -318, 325, M3-Steel parts-Garagistic-Black-Garagistic

E30 X Brace (Cross Brace) -318, 325, M3


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These Garagistic E30 Cross Brace will increase the rigidity and reduce flex by connecting the sub-frame to the frame rails. This is an absolute must-have for E30 cabrio convertible owners. Designed to help stabilize the frame and reinforce the lower front end removing chassis flex. This will fit all E30's except the IX. X-Brace fits all E30 models with OEM sway bars and aftermarket sway bars. Comes with all new 10.9 grade hardware, everything needed for install. Unlike other models on the market that do not fit right or touch the control arms, these cross braces are a direct bolt up that will not conflict with aftermarket sway bars or even extremely lowered E30's. (small spacers provided if needed for sway bar clearance) Compatible with our M60 and M3 swap components. There are numerous benefits of having an X-Brace on your E30; if you've ever driven an E30 with a Garagistic x-brace, you know exactly how important this upgrade is. The structural rigidity added to the E30 due to the cross brace provides a clear advantage on the track or auto-X course.


The Garagistic X Brace has been test fit on an M3, 325is, 318is, and DOHC swaps. From the drivers seat you will experience increased rigidity over bumps and even roads. Have less pendulum motion from the motor, and less steering wheel shake. Your E30 will simply feel tighter.

This is 100% bolt up and is fully reversible. No drilling or permanent modification is needed to properly install. Be forewarned this x-brace does hang low on the E30 chassis, but can take an absolute beating. Don't be too worried if it scrapes occasionally.

Please make sure that your exhaust hangers and motor mounts are in good shape. Old motor mounts tend to lower the motor which could lead the the exhaust touching the cross brace. Healthy motor mounts are a must with this x brace. NOT A LIFTING POINT

Installation: E30 X-Brace Install

Step 1: Remove the bolts for the front lower control arm bushings

Step 2: Remove the rack and pinion bolts

Step 3: Position the x-brace in place and start 2 bolts, one on each control arm bushing with the new hardware provided

Step 4: Place the spacer between the subframe and the x-brace and install the longer bolt with washer provided

Step 5: Install the remaining hardware. Push the x-brace against the vehicle so it sits flush and tighten the 4 lower control arm bushings

Step 6: Lastly tighten the rack and pinion bolts


This instructional guide is intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products. In no event shall Garagistic be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental injuries or damages whatsoever.