Authorized Australian Distributor: Bavarian Speed Shop-Garagistic

Authorized Australian Distributor: Bavarian Speed Shop

Authorized Australian Distributor

Our fellow Garagistic customers/supporters from the land down under, we got great news for you all! We have a local distributor that carries our stock and can get parts to the Australia & New Zealand area with cheaper and faster shipping!

Bavarian Speed Shop is one of those vendors that eats & breathes all things E30, E36 and E46s! They share the same love and DNA as we do when it comes to racing and maximizing performance for the god's chariot. 

As the customer base at Garagistic grows around the world, we want to provide the whole community with access to other great vendors that continue to support us to do what we do best (Make the highest quality aftermarket parts you and I both want to run on our builds!). Check out what they do at Bavarian Speed Shop below! 


Founded with one single goal in mind. Bring quality products to BMW enthusiasts in Australia & New Zealand.

Bavarian Speed Shop was started out of passion for classic BMW's and anything else that sported an engine. We love our cars and motorsport. We want to see project cars get transformed and show off what we can build in the Southern Hemisphere!  


Ultimately, our end game is to provide much more choice in products to the Australian car enthusiasts. While being distant from other countries may be working out great against COVID-19, it's doesn't work out great when you want to ship a product that is unavailable here. It's costly once you factor shipping, import GST & import duty.

Keep an eye out for more products to hit our shelves, including restoration and servicing parts.

You guys can find all the Garagistic Goodies right here under the "Performance Parts" section of the website


Here's A Little Video From Andrew, The Founder At Bavarian Speed Shop

About Garagistic

We are BMW, Datsun, Mercedes, and just, in general, car enthusiasts. Growing up, everyone on the Garagistic team has worked on their own project cars and tracked, drifted, or otherwise engaged in hoon activity. We took our love for everything Motorsport and started Garagistic.

We make everything here in the USA. From our multiple CNCs working around the clock to our in-house welder, we take pride in what we do and what we can deliver. We now develop the best BMW E30, E36, E46, E28, E21, E39, 190e performance parts and much more.

Our BMW parts range from aluminum, delrin, and poly subframe bushings to E30 X-braces and strut bars. We pride ourselves on having the most affordable BMW performance parts with the best quality on the market.

Stay updated with us on Instagram, YouTube & our website!

About Bavarian Speed Shop


Phone: 0404 908 203

Stay updated with them on Instagram & Website


Media Contacts

Garagistic LLC
+1(714) 369-2762

Bavarian Speed Shop
+61 0404 908 203


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