Garagistic/DRS announce new partnership with Rhino Car Care!-Garagistic

Garagistic/DRS announce new partnership with Rhino Car Care!

ūüéČ Garagistic/DRS are happy to announce a new formed partnership with Rhino Car Care based out of Huntington beach CA¬†

Rhino specialize in complete vehicle detailing and exterior film applications with love and passion for anything on wheels. Rhino Films & Detailing was founded to provide an enthusiast level of attention to detail and styling while maintaining affordability. They also offer car care products, vinyl, and even a 5 year guarantee on some of their ceramic coating applications.


Rhino Films & Detailing - Auto Detailing, Wraps & Tint - Huntington Beach

With more than 400 5 star review customers on Yelp, Rhino Films & Detailing has earned the trust amongst enthusiasts in the Southern California region for exceptional quality work & service. Whether you are looking for a team of experienced detailers to get your car looking brand new again, or simply protecting your car from the nasty SoCal freeways, Rhino can help!

Here are just some services that Rhino Films & Detailing offer:


Rhino also has a section on their website that offers the same products they use in-house to all their clients. From different detailing soap, cleaners and ceramic coating that they developed in-house, to products from other household names. Keeping your car clean has never been easier thanks to Rhino! Their products are made in the USA and packaged in Huntington Beach, CA.

If you are looking for the best detailing products trusted by professional detailers, you can check out their site for more info!


We are proud to have them as a sponsor and supporting Garagistic/DRS in the 2021 SRO TC America season.


About Garagistic

We are BMW, Datsun, Mercedes, and just, in general, car enthusiasts. Growing up, everyone on the Garagistic team has worked on their own project cars and tracked, drifted, or otherwise engaged in hoon activity. We took our love for everything Motorsport and started Garagistic.

We make everything here in the USA. From our multiple CNCs working around the clock to our in-house welder, we take pride in what we do and what we can deliver. We now develop the best BMW E30, E36, E46, E28, E21, E39, 190e performance parts and much more.

Our BMW parts range from aluminum, delrin, and poly subframe bushings to E30 X-braces and strut bars. We pride ourselves on having the most affordable BMW performance parts with the best quality on the market.

Stay updated with us on Instagram, YouTube & our website!

About Rhino Car Care

For the love and passion for anything on wheels, Rhino Films & Detailing was founded to provide an enthusiast level of attention to detail and styling while maintaining affordability and personality.

We have served the wider Orange County community since 2009 and provide tint, paint protection film, ceramic coating, and more. Let us know how we can help you with your automotive needs!

Stay updated with them on Instagram, or their Website!



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