Day 10 – 10 Day Build – E21 S54

So here we are, Day 10. And I'm about 3/4 the way done. But the hard part is really over. The last 10 days have been very taxing on me - Very stressful. But I've learned a lot about my capabilities, my problem solving abilities, and how simple it really is when you have a lift.

While I might be relenquishing the Lift shortly, and temporarily, I will still be able to completemore tasks. Here's what I have 100% completed:

  1. Coolant System
  2. Fuel System
  3. Electrical Thought - Not yet implemented
  4. Steering (no change)

Need to complete the following

  1. Brakes - Need to re-install booster - I will modify the S54 Intake to clear the booster for now.
  2. Oil
    1. Pump - Going E34 M50 pump/sprocket/chain,
    2. Pan - VAC Baffle
    3. Tap Oil Drain for 5/16 Hose
  3. Exhaust - Need to completely weld
  4. Rear Suspension. Need TA welded, Diff Mount,
  5. Receive Elongated Driveshaft
  6. Assemble Diff

Many of these tasks are relatively simple installation tasks, so they should take no more than an afternoon to complete.

Now here are some pictures of some of my accomplishments today. I do not plan to update daily anymore. My next update will likely be Saturday Night or Sunday. Thanks again for tuning in...

img_5251 img_5252 img_5253 img_5254 img_5255 img_5256 img_5259 img_5260 img_5262 img_5244 img_5249 img_5250 img_5257

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