Day 5 – 10 Day Build – E21 S54

Not too much progress. In fact, I realized that the sump on the S54 is rear and as a result I could barely install the subframe, let alone fit the steering rack. The result was to acquire an E34 525i M50 oil pan, which I then fitted and got a much more desirable result.


So today was a learning experience. I am at today where I thought I was yesterday, Now I need to acquire an E34 525i oil pump and pickup, probably going to mock additional front sump baffling and some pickup running to the rear of the pan as well. This prevents the engine from starving of oil during hard acceleration.

Other than that, just banged back the firewall a bit more to make the clearance I need to mate with the driveshaft. It's going to be tight - real tight.


I've been resting the drivetrain on the ground as I drop the car down on it, then bring the hoist to lift it INTO the engine bay, guiding it on the trans side by a floor jack. That helps me then position the subframe.


So the advantage is further back center of gravity and radiator clearance. For all I know I might be able to fit the radiator without a hiccup. Let's find out Friday!

Get the engine and trans brackets welded and it suspended on its own.

Slightly modify oil pan for steering rack clearance - easy.

Lower the car and start measuring for other items of concern!




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