Day 6 – 10 Day Build – E21 S54

Today I got a couple hours to work on her, but I did go a long way in establishing engine position. Using E36 Arms, I was able to get very close on both sides using Garagistic's M60 mounts. I might shave them down to get the right size, but the M20 ones might be more appropriate. I'll  try it with that tomorrow

Drive side: No interference with Steering shaftimg_5166

Passenger Side - No interference with Headersimg_5164

Got the Transmission mounts in, This is just temporary and will EITHER be welded together and utilize 4 rail bolts, OR I'll adapt an E30 trans brace and extend the arms to install into the 4 rail bolts.


Again, this is temporary so I can get the proper driveshaft alignment.  img_5171 img_5175


Before I get the engine arms in the final spot, I had to ensure that the radiator AND coolant reservoir fit. Everything fits perfectly. Upper and Lower hoses must be adapted to fit. This is no big deal. The thing that concerns me is that the alternator pulley comes very close to the coolant reservoir. I think I must shift the reservoir a bit to the driver side so that the clearance is adequate, regardless of the polyurethane mounts (which should, by the way, hold the engine very steady with minimal movement).img_5177 img_5178 img_5179

Things are looking grim to get this done in 10 days, but I keep making progress each day. Saturday should be a big day. Stay tuned

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