Day 7 – 10 Day Build – E21 S54

It may not look like it, but a lot of progress was made this Satuday, Day 7. I was able to effectively place Garagistic's M60 80A poly mounts in place on the modified/shortened E36 M50 Arms. The Arms bolted right to the S54 Block. The Driver side mount only has 2 bolts utilized, so I must add an adapter plate to adapt the 2 unused holes to the block's other holes. Not a big deal. More on that later this week. Here are some of the pics: Final pics will not be posted until later this week:

Passenger Side:


Drive Side:


I also took some time to update the subframe brackets. While Garagistic works hard at creating my custom offset rear subframe bushings, I am working on holdiong those bushings down by virtue of the modified brackets, now holding down on the OUTSIDE of the body as opposed to the inside. The reason for this is because of the wider E30 subframe would make contact with the weld nuts on the existing version E21 subframe bracket. So with some modifications of the bracket, weld bolts, we've got a pretty solid setup!


I also had a chance to shorten the shifter lever arm as well as the shift carrier, but I have not welded it yet. More on that this coming week.

Due to the final placement of the drivetrain, I had to modify the placement of the center bearing location and I decided to add rivet nuts as opposed to weld studs. This was actually pretty easy to implement.


Day 8 is Monday. I'm taking off this Sunday, so no work or progress is being made today. I want to accomplish the following:

  1. Weld the entire Front Subframe complete - Paint it.
  2. Side Radiator Clearance - Cut/Weld if necessary
  3. Install rear subframe bushings - Weld Diff Mount to Frame
  4. Measure rear driveshaft length - send out for lengthening
  5. Weld downpipes.

A lot planned - Stay tuned!

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