e21 polyurethane front control arm bushings

Being the first official 3 series the e21 is getting up there in years. This car taught our dads what handling means but now your average Honda accord probably drives better. This is partially because of the years of cracking and abuse the suspensions bushings take. We've seen e21 suspension bushings that are virtually nonexistent after years of wear.

This not only makes for a lame and sloppy ride but safety becomes an issue as well. replace the worn e21 outer control arm bushing with our polyurethane e bushings. They're going to last for as long as you have your e21, and this piece is even of a higher caliber than the OEM part. This part is available at the garagistic store.



We have three different levels of rigidity to select from. We carry an 80a poly, a 95a poly, and a Delrin bushing. The 80a OCAB bushings are used for an OEM + feel. This means you'd like a subtle upgrade for a streetcar without a serious compromise in comfort, designated for street enthusiasts. The 95a is great for dual purpose aggressive street and track applications providing a happy medium for those taking their daily driver to the track. Finally, we have the Delrin bushing which we suggest strictly for racing applications.

While most manufacturers outsource their work all of our e21 bushings are made in the U.S.A. for quality assurance. Please beware of low-quality bushings that may have air pockets in the material which leads to premature bushing failure.

Please note: garagistic e21 polyurethane front control arm bushings replace OEM part 31121123037, and will only fit 1978 - 1983 models. As with all of our poly bushings the e21 polyurethane front control arm bushings come with our lifetime warranty. Available at the garagistic store.

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