E46 Billet Clutch Pedal-Garagistic

E46 Billet Clutch Pedal

All New E46 Billet Clutch Pedal - 2023 Formula D Season Ready! 

In 2023 Formula Drift will not allow non-oem pedal assemblies'. That means going back to OEM. Well being that OEM units are plastic and can break, thats not what you want in a car going sideways at 100MPH+. This unit will be approved for the formula drift season as an exception to this rule.

That's why we are releasing our "long-in-the-works" clutch pedal that will abide to the changes in regulations.

Why You Would Want A Heavy Duty Billet Clutch Pedal

  • Durability against plastic, OEM units, which tend to crack EVEN under street use overtime 
  • Must have for any builds running a stiffer clutch to accomodate any added stress

Why Garagistic's Pedals

  • Exact replica of the OEM unit for ease of install & use
  • Made of 6061 Aluminium for heavy duty durability
  • Applications for both E36 and E46 
  • Works with OEM Brake safety switch 
  • Comes with adjustable throw, and comes with our famous bronze pedal bushings pre-installed
  • Available in bare aluminium or anodised black 

3D View of The Garagistic E46 Billet Clutch Pedal 


Some Extra Pictures:


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