Word from the Owner - Covid Update and Hiring Relief-Garagistic

Word from the Owner - Covid Update and Hiring Relief

Hello all!


I’m Matthew, the owner of Garagistic and we here just wanted to say … thank you for supporting small businesses like ours during this epidemic allowing us to continue to provide for our employees and their families.

During this pandemic, we are receiving 4x the amount of requests than usual.

We are happy to help with any questions you may ask and you guys actually give us the sense that cars can still be an outlet during these times by allowing us to help you with your builds.

But with half the team working remotely, it has made our workflow a little bit more fragile. We’ve had to figure out new ways to make customer support available around the clock and automate communications to keep you guys in the loop at all times. All while trying to still keep costs down during these times.

During this epidemic, It has forced us to be resourceful to find new ways to help. We are still working on dedicating some time to responding to as many requests as possible in a day while still getting orders manufactured and shipped on time.

The team is going above and beyond during this time. Extra postal runs, taking items to be packed at home in order to keep working remotely and safely.

We have made a lot of changes:

  • We have opened up fulfillment centers all over the US in order to keep shipping costs down and turn around even better during these times.
  • You can now edit your order right after checkout, this means no waiting on someone when you realized you want to make a change.
  • You can now cancel your order without the need to wait on anyone or explain.
  • Order lookup page has been added on the website to know when your order has shipped.
  • Facebook messenger shipping notifications, text message notifications
  • Automated emails that let you know where your order is along the process.
  • We have also released a help center and answer bot, in hopes that it would be able to provide 24/7 support and at the same time give back to the community.

Admittedly these improvements do not always work, but we want you guys to know we are trying to improve. That being said, If you have lost your job due to the corona epidemic, we are offering ways for you guys to work remotely. If you have BMW experience, experience with our product line, or are willing to help others. We currently need customer support agents, articles, videos, and explanations to allow our help center to be more efficient.

Send your resume and an example explanation of how you installed a certain (even if we don’t make it) in your car. It could be video, articles, write up, or photos.

This thing we are building together will be a resource for all members of the community to learn together on these cars we love.

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