E30 Reinforced Front Subframe-Steel parts-Garagistic-Garagistic
E30 Reinforced Front Subframe-Steel parts-Garagistic-Garagistic
E30 Reinforced Front Subframe
E30 Reinforced Front Subframe-Steel parts-Garagistic-Garagistic
E30 Reinforced Front Subframe-Steel parts-Garagistic-Garagistic
E30 Reinforced Front Subframe

E30 Reinforced Front Subframe


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Out of all the mods available for the E30, this is one of the most important modifications you should consider if you drive your car hard or plan on adding more power. The Garagistic reinforced front subframe arrives with a fresh coat of black military-spec powder coating, in addition to welded reinforcements plates that strengthen the sway bar, engine mounts, and control arm ball joint mounts. Adding reinforcements is necessary to prevent the notorious cracking, bending, or breaking that e30 subframes are known for. Stock E30 subframes which are being used in a motor swapped car, S50 to an LS1, and anything in-between will eventually need to be reinforced to ensure the longevity of your vehicle; it’s simply a must-have if you are using stiffer or solid engine mounts. Stock E30 front subframes after 30 years have lived a pretty hard life. It is common for e30s to have filthy subframes with ripped motor mounts and weak sway bar mounting locations in the E30 world.

Often times, the first modification E30 owners will do is reinforce their subframes; and forums are littered with issues regarding subframe warping and cracking on the engine mounting points accompanied by testimonials of just how much of a costly repair it can be; not to mention that bigger aftermarket sway bars on an E30 are not a bolt-up affair since the sway-bar tabs are very thin and weak. This holds especially true with motor swapped E30s with heavier and more powerful engines (LS1, S5X, M30, M60, turbo, etc). It's as "bolt up" as it gets! These are a must for tracked vehicles. Even spec E30 legal!



  • Black Mil-Spec Powder Coat
  • Fits all E30s, Including M3
  • Reinforced engine mounts (including gusseted section)
  • Reinforced sway bar mounts points
  • Reinforced front control arm mounting points
  • Reinforces known weak points on the subframe
  • Inexpensive insurance against failure
  • Compatible with the use of aftermarket/bigger sway bars
  • Allows for safe use of solid/stiff motor mounts

Important Notes:

We inspect all of our subframes for straightness and any obvious signs of damage before modification. The forces created from the flex in these old chassis under extreme driving conditions would often lead to the E30 eating its subframes, and the addition of stiffer suspension components and engine swaps in search of more power simply magnifies this effect. That being said, these 30-year-old chassis have some history so the subframe you receive may not be an exact fit for your car. E30 chassis' flex quite a bit over time but they can also be made to fit your new subframe with some simple techniques. If you have an alignment issue with your new subframe, please reach out to us immediately. The longer you wait to install the subframe, the more difficult it becomes for us to provide you with adequate support.


This is a core exchange program. You send your stock straight/rust-free subframe in, we add camber/toe adjustment brackets as well differential reinforcements and send it back! This is a bolt up way to get an adjustable subframe that has both camber and toe adjustment with eccentric hardware. Send us back your STRAIGHT/RUST-FREE core and we will refund you the core charge.

We can modify BMW E28, E30, E32, E34, E36 318ti, and Z3 rear subframes. By default these subframes come with the camber tabs welded so that the lowest point is where the factory hole is. That means you will only be able to dial out camber (90% of E30's need it like this).

Under certain circumstances or by customer request we can weld them so you can dial in even more negative camber. For toe we weld them centered. That means you will have .625 adjustment in both directions from factory. Again, this covers 90% of E30's. If you have an alignment sheet or need the adjustment only one way, let us know and we will accommodate you. We also offer as an added option trailing arm mounting point reinforcement gussets. These are recommended for wheel to wheel racers, drifters, and the hardest of track use where some contact or rough use is to be expected. They help to reinforce the pocket where the trailing arm mounts adding that additional support to strengthen them and prevent bending or breaking. Pictures of them installed can be found HERE These are spec E30 legal!


To ensure a quality and more durable part, we now powder coat all of our subframes at no additional cost. If you do not supply a core and we must source one, then add another week. So anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on options. Supplying your subframe speeds the process along. You can use the box it comes in to ship your old subframe back. Your reworked subframe will come with our eccentric hardware. If you choose to send your core in to be worked, you will not be charged the core fee. If you will sending in your core after you received the rework you will be charged the core fee. Once we receive your core we refund you within 7-9 days using the method you paid with (if within 30 days of receipt).

NOTE: WE PRESS IN OUR SUBFRAME BUSHINGS FREE OF CHARGE. If you add the bushings to your cart we can press them into the subframe at no extra cost.


This will explain the core options. If you chose "I will supply my subframe upfront". You will not pay the core charge upfront. We will wait until we get your subframe which is why you are not charged. This option is the fastest. Supplying your subframe speeds the process along. If we must source a core then this adds a week to turn around time. Providing us your core is the best way to ensure it is identical to what is on your car. While E30, and Z3 subframes are all functionally the same fit there are minor differences in abs routing tabs, exhaust hanger pick up points etc that we do not differentiate between. This is especially true with E30 M3 subframes.

All of the subframes we stock will work across the model cars that are listed here, but if we are not re-working your subframe expect that there may be some minor differences between what you receive and what is on your car. If you chose "I will return my subframe after", then you will be charged the $200 core fee upfront. This will also add a week to the turn around time because we must source a core to modify for you. If you choose "I will not be sending in my core" then you will be charged the $200 core fee. This will also add a week to the turn around time.


General Shipping Information:

If the shipping address you input is different from your confirmed Paypal mailing address you must email us at info@garagistic.com to let us know that. We ship to your confirmed Paypal mailing address to protect ourselves. We must have an email telling us the shipping address if you do not want it shipped to your confirmed Paypal address. All tracking numbers sent via Paypal. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@garagistic.com

Here at Garagistic, we have over 500 products with more than 700 total variations of those products which are produced in-house here in sunny CA. We pride ourselves in creating products from scratch out of about 75 different types of raw materials ranging from aluminum to Delrin plastic. While we do have stock of raw material, our products take time to for us produce, assemble and pack.

Free Shipping Limitations:

Free shipping is only eligible in the contiguous USA. Free shipping only applies to order that meet certain requirements set by us (and can be changed at anytime). Those requirements are currently that an order is over $300 and under the a "Dimensional package weight" of 30lbs. What this means is that roll bars, sway bars, and items we deem oversized do not ship for free. If your order is over this 30lbs rule it will not qualify for free shipping. Free shipping methods are at our discretion and CANNOT BE CHANGED. Most items will either be first class or priority USPS. Free shipping is not valid internationally and this list (but not limited to): Alaska, American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Northern, Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands. Customers will not be able to pick shipping methods (or overnight) if free shipping is selected. Qualifying order total is based on product subtotal—taxes and non-standard shipping charges are not included as a qualifying cost. You are responsible for non-standard shipping charges such as special handling surcharges and oversize fees (where indicated), Truck Freight fees, expedited shipping, hazardous materials charges, etc. Offer is subject to adjustment due to returns, cancellations, and exchanges. We have the right at anytime to revoke free shipping.

International Buyers:

Please be aware that we offer two shipping methods overseas. First class and priority flat rate envelope. Although first class is much cheaper, USPS seems to lag on delivery and there is no way to track the package once it has been dropped off.

There is a 20% restocking fee for all returns. For custom parts (made to order parts like our engine mounting kits) there is a 35% restocking fee. We do not accept returned customized items such as driveshafts and wiring harnesses.

The flat rate envelope is more money but you will get your gears much much quicker and the tracking number shows the package route! (the default shipping method on this site is this option).

If you want the cheaper route, you must email us telling us this and we will send you a Paypal invoice. We are not liable if you do not get your package with this option as we have no way to track it once it's at the post office.

You have the option to locally pickup items at our Westminster location (by appointment only):

Pickup Address:

Garagistic LLC

6372 Industry way

Westminster, CA, 92683

Email: info@garagistic.com

Refund Information:

We do not refund shipping costs. On returns on custom parts (or parts returned past 30 days from purchase) we have the right to give store credit instead of a refund. We do not accept returned customized items such as driveshafts and wiring harnesses. By using this website you agree to all these terms.

Please be aware that some parts we offer are made to order and can take up to two weeks before they are shipped. Please contact us before ordering if this is an issue.

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