E30 Reinforced Front Subframes
E30 Reinforced Front Subframes
E30 Reinforced Front Subframes
E30 Reinforced Front Subframes
E30 Reinforced Front Subframes
E30 Reinforced Front Subframes

E30 Reinforced Front Subframes


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Out of all the mods available for the E30, this is one of the most important modifications you should consider if you drive your car hard or plan on adding more power. The Garagistic reinforced front subframe arrives with a fresh coat of black military-spec powder coating, in addition to welded reinforcements plates that strengthen the sway bar, engine mounts, and control arm ball joint mounts. Adding reinforcements is necessary to prevent the notorious cracking, bending, or breaking that e30 subframes are known for. Stock E30 subframes which are being used in a motor swapped car, S50 to an LS1, and anything in-between will eventually need to be reinforced to ensure the longevity of your vehicle; it’s simply a must-have if you are using stiffer or solid engine mounts. Stock E30 front subframes after 30 years have lived a pretty hard life. It is common for e30s to have filthy subframes with ripped motor mounts and weak sway bar mounting locations in the E30 world.

Often times, the first modification E30 owners will do is reinforce their subframes; and forums are littered with issues regarding subframe warping and cracking on the engine mounting points accompanied by testimonials of just how much of a costly repair it can be; not to mention that bigger aftermarket sway bars on an E30 are not a bolt-up affair since the sway-bar tabs are very thin and weak. This holds especially true with motor swapped E30s with heavier and more powerful engines (LS1, S5X, M30, M60, turbo, etc). It's as "bolt up" as it gets! These are a must for tracked vehicles. Even spec E30 legal!



  • Black Mil-Spec Powder Coat
  • Fits all E30s, Including M3
  • Reinforced engine mounts (including gusseted section)
  • Reinforced sway bar mounts points
  • Reinforced front control arm mounting points
  • Reinforces known weak points on the subframe
  • Inexpensive insurance against failure
  • Compatible with the use of aftermarket/bigger sway bars
  • Allows for safe use of solid/stiff motor mounts

Important Notes:

We inspect all of our subframes for straightness and any obvious signs of damage before modification. The forces created from the flex in these old chassis under extreme driving conditions would often lead to the E30 eating its subframes, and the addition of stiffer suspension components and engine swaps in search of more power simply magnifies this effect. That being said, these 30-year-old chassis have some history so the subframe you receive may not be an exact fit for your car. E30 chassis' flex quite a bit over time but they can also be made to fit your new subframe with some simple techniques. If you have an alignment issue with your new subframe, please reach out to us immediately. The longer you wait to install the subframe, the more difficult it becomes for us to provide you with adequate support.

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