BMW E30 Parts

BMW 3-Series E30 (1983-1991) Parts and Accessories

Here at Garagistic you can find all of your BMW Spec E30 racing parts and even replacement E30 parts. We carry a large selection of BMW E30 auto parts and accessories. 316, 318, 325 and even M3 parts. Shop our Performance E30 parts catalog online or feel free to call us for recommendations. We are happy to help you with all your E30 parts needs. Below you will find some examples of the E30 parts we carry. Click here to see all the E30 parts we have!

E30 Strut Bar

We carry an E30 strut brace (also known as an e30 front strut BAR). This strut bar is compatible with E30 318 M42 cars. It can also be used as an E30 M3 front strut brace. E30 engine swap are no match for this strut brace. M5x, dohc swaps, ls1, and even M30 swap compatible. Adding a strut bar to your E30 will lock the top of your BMW's strut towers together. This will improve front end grip on your E30.

e30 strut bar front rear

E30 Poly Bushings

We off a full line of poly bushings for your E30 3 Series (84 - 91). We have E30 poly bushings for your motor mounts, transmissions mounts, trailing arms, subframes, differential, and control arms. We have them a 80a street poly bushing version and a track E30 only Polyurethane of 95a. We even have a full race spec solid Delrin bushings for your E30 (Bolt-through).

e30 poly bushing kit complete 80a

E30 Solid Bushings

Delrin e30 mounts are ideal for race application. The reason they are recommended for racing use only if because they add a little more noise and vibration to the cabin. Not something you want in your street E30. We have solid E30 M20 motor and transmission mounts which are designed for a 1983-1991 E30 BMW 3-series with an M20 engine. All E30 solid bushings are made in house.

e30 solid delrin bushings kit bushing


E30 Motor Swaps

We offer a full assortment of E30 motor swap components. Everything from full E30 v8 swap kits, to the components to complete a DOHC E30 swap. We currently offer ls1 E30 swap parts, M30 E30 swap parts, and M60 swap parts. Let us know what your E30 motor swap needs are.

e30 m30 mounts engine swap mount

E30 Reinforcements

The E30 is a great platform. However they are ageing and can use some reinforcements. That's why we carry all the E30 reinforcements to keep your E30 on the road for days to come. We have E30 front sway bar reinforcements, E30 cabrio reinforcements, E30 Chassis Reinforcement and much more. Click here to see all of E30 Chassis Reinforcements.

e30 complete reinforcement kit subframe trailing arm sway bar

E30 Shifter Bushings

We have Delrin shifter bushings to really tighten your E30 shifter. We have E30 shifter bushings for the front and rear E30 shifter carrier assembly as well as a factory replacement rear carrier bracket with bushing installed.

e30 shifter bushing kit rebuild

E30 Wheel Studs

We also offer track ready 90mm wheel studs. These are a must for E30 track and drift cars. Allows the use of spacers safely and makes removing/installing wheels easier.