M30 B35 E30 Engine Conversion Mounts-Steel parts-Garagistic-Yes (Black Powder Coat)-Garagistic

M30 B35 E30 Engine Conversion Mounts


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These motor mounts allow you to put the legendary M30 B35 engine into the great platform of the E30. That means the legendary M30 3.5 liter inline 6 can bolt into your E30! The M30 is a tried and true setup in an E30. Tons of torque, beautiful noise, and not to mention the large aftermarket for adding a turbo to the M30! Unlike all the other mounts on the market, this is the only E30 M30 mount to be able to clear aftermarket headers (such as the IE unit). Works in both LHD and RHD cars! Please keep in mind the custom nature of these parts. Please allow about 2 week for delivery. These are to be used with Poly or OEM M20 engine bushings.

  • Incredibly strong: Cad designed and tested
  • Fully tig welded (certified) - "blank" mounting positions available on request
  • Default motor position places M30 B35 as far back as possible into the E30 for great weight distribution
  • Powdercoated black finish

The M30 is a long motor, with that in mind it is a very tight fit in the E30 chassis. Clearance between the radiator, rear firewall, and booster will be minimal at best! As with any CUSTOM MOTOR SWAP, there will be things you actually need to think to solve. With no forgiveness in the amount of room because of the size of the motor, everything will have an effect on the way the motor fits in the engine bay. For example what motor mount bushings you end up using, if your subframe has been damaged, if you are using a bigger E36 steering rack, if you think its a good idea to install the brake booster when the engine is already in the car etc etc etc. If you are looking for an OEM fit and finish and expect that a motor this large to fit the E30 without a little thinking on your part, then these mounts are not for you. That being said we have sold 100s of these with success.