16/48 Odometer Gear - Single Gear Only!

16/48 Odometer Gear - Single Gear Only!


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16/48 Single Odometer Gear

Our Old Mercedes and BMW's were, for the most part, hand-built vehicles by any of today's standards. Since we have helped hundereds of customers to fix their odometer issues over the years, one thing we have noticed is that during the odometer assembly process BMW and Mercedes did not always stick to the "typical or prescribed" odometer gear set for each specific vehicle.  

To save you from needing to purchase a complete second set of gears just to get that single odometer gear you need, we now offer a majority of our gears a la carte (single gear only, not a kit)! 


  • To ensure you purchase the correct gear for your application the first time, it is extremely important to count the teeth on the original gear before ordering the new one!