18/48 Odometer Gear - Single Gear Only!

18/48 Odometer Gear - Single Gear Only!


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18/48 Odometer Gear - Single 

While BMW and Mercedes have consistently made excellent automobiles, they have not been nearly as consistent with the gears in their odometers. Old Mercedes and BMW's can be considered hand-built vehicles by today's standards. 

Over the years we have noticed that at the time of odometer assembly, the manufacturers did not always stay consistent with the "typical or prescribed" odometer gear set for the specific chassis.  

To save you from having to purchase a full second set of gears in order to receive the single "odd" gear you need, we now offer a majority of our Odometer gears as a single a la carte gear! 


  • In order to ensure that you are purchasing the correct gear for your application, it is extremely important to count the teeth on the original gear before ordering the new one!