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E30 Coilover Ring Seat


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Though this kit may seem basic to some, it is crucial for proper installation of coil-overs on your E30. This kit is meant for coil-overs that are designed to sit on the stock spring perch. This E30 coil-over ring seat kit is Ideal for a cleaner install and adds a proper seating area, instead of just sitting on the stock perch weld. It's a must-have if you relocate your coil-over seat into a different position (to accommodate different spring lengths/shock lengths etc). The lip is cut on one side to increase tire/rim clearance. This E30 coil-over ring seat kit can also be used when doing a 5 lug conversion with E30 inserts. Once you gut the internals on your blown E36 M3 strut, an E30 shock insert will fit inside the housing; Simply insert your E30 shock into the E36 M3, weld this perch in the correct location on the M3 shock housing (after the internals are taken out), and then weld the threaded portion of your E30 housing on top. This makes your E36 M3 5 lug conversion serviceable. No more costly E36 M3 shocks! Will require welding.

Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car.

Specs: Internal Diameter - 50mm (Allows for most suspension setups)