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E30 Delrin Offset Differential Bushing


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E30 Delrin Offset Differential Bushing

For BMW Models: (E30, E36 318ti, Z3)

E30 bushings tend to be a tad overlooked. E30's do not age gracefully from a bushing perspective. Your old E30 diff bushing has seen a lot of wear and tear. The age of your E30 alone has taken its toll on your differential bushings. The importance of bushings on your E30 is not to be understated; make sure that E30 diff is not moving all over the place under power. If your adding power to your E30 or running on an old, beat up and broken diff bushing (often letting you know it's broken with a thump between shifts) then this is for you!

Please Note: This is our E30 Differential Bushing that replaces OEM part-number: 33171135242 but in the offset version which is intended to be installed with our Garagistic raised subframe bushings.

Many motor-swap builds will run our offset differential bushing with raised subframes to get the drive train as straight as possible and reduce camber. Adding a secondary diff mount, which can be found here; is another popular option; What the E30 secondary diff mounts will do is add an additional ear to prevent any diff damage. When selecting which diff mounts you'll be putting on your E30, E36, 318ti, or Z3, the question you'll need to answer is what is the primary goal of this bimmer? Is it track, autoX, street, or something in-between? You wouldn't be the first guy to track their daily! We try to cater to any and everyone when it comes to our bushings. In our YouTube video about BMW E30, E36 318ti, Z3 poly vs Delrin, we talk a little bit about which Garagistic diff bushings suit which application best.

We stand by our products, all Garagistic bushings come with a lifetime warranty.

Instructions: Differential Off-set Bushing Install
Step 1: After removal and cleaning of the diff bushing lubricate the bushing and diff cover

Step 2: With the lip facing the rear and the arrow pointing up start to press the bushing by hand, use a rubber mallet if necessary

Step 3: Lubricate the race and the bushing and start to press on the race by hand, use rubber mallet if necessary


This instructional guide is intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products. In no event shall Garagistic be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental injuries or damages whatsoever.