E30 RX7 Big Brake Conversion Caliper Brackets-Steel parts-Garagistic-Garagistic

E30 RX7 Big Brake Conversion Caliper Brackets


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These E30 RX7 BBK Brackets are a pre-order item, are set to be released mid September. Any orders with Pre-Order items will ship at the same time as the pre-ordered product. Therefore make sure to place a separate order for preorder products to ensure your other products arrive as soon as possible.

Product Overview

Upgrade your E30 braking system with RX7 4 piston front calipers. The RX7 came equipped from the factory with a larger 4 piston caliper. This 4 piston caliper is stronger, provides a larger pad surface, and a more even application of braking pressure than the factory E30 calipers. Combined with the 280mm VW Corrado G60 front rotors the RX7 calipers make a potent big brake upgrade for the E30 with off-the-shelf replaceable parts. Get bigger brakes and stop like a champ! Intended for use with 86-92 Mazda FC RX7 GTU or Turbo model 4 piston calipers (base models came with smaller brakes). The VW Corrado G60 rotors will need the center bore opened 1mm to fit properly around the E30 hub. We offer completed rotors for sale HERE. 


Comes with 2X (one left one right) RX7 caliper conversion brackets and hardware


What E30 chassis will this fit?

All 4-lug equipped E30 chassis (a different rotor would be required for a 5 lug car) NO BRAKE LINE ADAPTER NEEDED IF USING GARAGISTIC STAINLESS BRAKE LINES FOUND HERE Will require minimum 15" wheels Dimensions to help with wheel fitment: A few dimensions that may help determine if your wheels will fit over these brakes. -The caliper protrudes towards the outside of the car 1 5/8" when measuring from the face of the rotor hat (the surface that the wheel will sit on) outward. -The caliper is 6 1/8" outer diameter when measured from the center of the bearing nut outward.

Please keep in mind that you will need slightly over these dimensions in order for the wheel to clear safely. Also the shape of the spoke or face of the wheel will also determine clearance. Most 15"+ wheels can be made to fit, some may require a spacer or minor grinding on the face of the caliper for clearance.