E36/Z3 M5X/S5X Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings-Poly-Garagistic-95a (Track)-Garagistic
E36/Z3 M5X/S5X Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings-Poly-Garagistic-Aluminum (Hardcore)-Garagistic
E36/Z3 M5X/S5X Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings-Poly-Garagistic-80a (Street)-Garagistic
E36/Z3 M5X/S5X Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings-Poly-Garagistic-95a (Track)-Garagistic
E36/Z3 M5X/S5X Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings-Poly-Garagistic-Aluminum (Hardcore)-Garagistic
E36/Z3 M5X/S5X Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings-Poly-Garagistic-80a (Street)-Garagistic

E36/Z3 M5X/S5X Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings


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E36/Z3 BMW POLYURETHANE MOTOR MOUNT BUSHINGS - 22116779970, 11812283798

Introducing the Garagistic E36 & Z3 BMW Poly Motor Mount Bushings (22116779970, 11812283798). These poly motor mount bushings are designed to be a direct replacement for the factory fluid filled motor mounts (OEM BMW part numbers 22116779970 & 11812283798). These motor mount bushings are available in 2 Polyurethane materials: 80A polyurethane, 95A polyurethane. Our mounts offer significant benefits over the stock units with both increased performance and durability. The factory fluid filled mounts were designed with comfort in mind and while they do a great job at insulating the motor they also allow the motor to move within the engine bay in ways that are less than desirable.

The Garagistic E36 & Z3 BMW Motor Mount Bushings reduce the movement of the engine by providing additional support allowing better power and torque transfer to the rest of the driveline. The polyurethane versions of these mounts feature our "captive floating stud" design. This means that the mounting studs are incorporated into the polyurethane as they are made and remain separate from each other while still captive within the bushing. What this translates to is a bushing that offers increased performance while still retaining a good amount of vibration insulation within the bushing. This allows the vibrations of the motor to be dampened within the poly instead of transferring directly from one end of the bushing to the other through the stud. We also offer these bushings in solid aluminum for the ultimate and rigidity and performance without compromise. Replace your tired, sagging, and/or failed factory motor mounts with the upgraded Garagistic E36 & Z3 BMW motor mount bushings. As with all Garagistic made products these bushings also feature a lifetime warranty.


  • OEM like drop in fit to replace part numbers: 22116779970, 11812283798
  • Increased performance and power transfer by reducing engine movement
  • captive floating stud design to offer increased performance while maintaining vibration dampening
  • Offered in multiple materials tailored specifically to your
  • Garagistic Lifetime Warranty!
Will these motor mount bushings fit my E36 or Z3?
  • Fits ALL 6 cyl M5X/S5X E36 chassis (325, 328, M3) to replace part numbers: 22116779970, 11812283798
  • Fits ALL 6 cylinder Z3
A quick note about Poly and Aluminum in this application

The Garagistic Poly E36 Motor Mount Bushings are designed to offer the best of both worlds within reason. Our captive floating stud design helps to ensure the maximum amount of vibration dampening possible within the poly material. With that said these bushings are more rigid than the factory units and by default will transfer more vibration to the car. Even so we believe that the benefits of these mounts greatly outweigh the drawbacks as they offer not only increased performance but increased durability and strength over the factory units. We generally recommend the softer 80A polyurethane for most street driven cars with occasional spirited or performance use. The 95A is generally suited for the weekend car and/or one that will regularly see track and performance use. Solid aluminum is uncompromising and does not offer any vibration dampening but also provides the most support. We generally only recommend the aluminum mounts for race or track use only (although we do know a few masochists who will daily drive with these mounts, to each their own, your tolerance to noise and vibration can only be determined by you). If noise is of primary concern we may recommend running the 80A motor mount bushings with a HD rubber transmission bushing.


garagistic E36/Z3 M5X/S5X

Engine Mounts installation


Step 1: Jack up and properly support the vehicle on jack stands. Gently rock the vehicle to make sure it wont fall off the stands

Step 2: Remove the top nuts from the engine mounts followed by the bottom nuts

Step 3: Using your jack and a piece of wood, jack up the engine from a safe spot until the engine mounts have room to slide out. Lift the mount until the bottom can slide out

Step 4: The same way you removed the old bushings you will install the new mounts. Slide in the top bolt as much as possible till the bottom can slide into the subframe and register the guide pin on the engine mount to the slot in the subframe so it can sit flush

Step 5: Lower the engine slowly and make sure the top bolt goes through the engine bracket and sit it all the way down.

Step 6: Install the washer and nut on the bottom and top of the engine mount. Torque to 33-35 ft-lbs



This instructional guide is intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products. In no event shall Garagistic be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental injuries or damages whatsoever.