E46 330 Dual Oval Shifter Kit (03/2003+)

E46 330 Dual Oval Shifter Kit (03/2003+)


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E46 330 DUAL OVAL SHIFTER KIT (03/2003+)

Introducing the E46 330 (6 speed) dual oval shifter kit! Replace all of those worn out and tired shifter bushings in your E46 for a tighter more direct shifting feel. Does your shifter feel sloppy? Hard to find gears? This bushing kit will help fix all of that! Designed specifically for later model BMW E46 330 and similar chassis with a 6 speed transmission.

This kit includes replacement bushings for the front attachment points ( replacing 25117507695 ), a new poly bushing to retrofit in the rear mounting point (replacing 25111222015 to be retrofit in stock housing), and the shifter cup which is the pivot point for your shifter ( replacing 25111220600 ). With all these bushings replaced you can experience a tighter shifter with less slop. Shift like a pro with the Garagistic E46 dual oval shifter kit for your 330! As always all Garagistic made parts come with a lifetime warranty!

*** Please note that the rear bushing must be retrofit into the stock metal housing ***


This shifter bushing kit is designed for E46 330 models that are made from 03/2003 and up. Please check the manufacture date of your car on the stick in the driver side door jam. Replaces OEM part numbers: 25117507695 X2, 25111220600, 25111222015