Mercedes 190E Polyurethane Rear Spring Perch Bushings-Delrin Suspension-Garagistic-80A-Garagistic

Mercedes 190E Polyurethane Rear Spring Perch Bushings


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These 190e bushings are a pre-order item, and will not ship until August 31st. Any orders with Pre-Order items will ship at the same time as the pre-ordered product. Therefore make sure to place a separate order for preorder products to ensure your other products arrive as soon as possible.

General Overview

When we consider that the Mercedes 190E's spring perch, also known as the rear control arm to knuckle bushings, is a high load/ high wear bushing that sits very close to the ground as are consistently exposed to road debris causing the OEM rubber bushings to be well known to fail over time. Once the OEM rubber seals have deteriorated on the original style bushings, the main center section will begin to gather grime and will eventually cause the entire bushing to fail, as well as cause your steering to feel mushy, disconnected, and sloppy overall.

To get around the failure-prone OEM rubber bushings, our 190E rear control arm to knuckle (spring perch) bushings are made of solid Delrin and therefore are not nearly as suspectable to failure as the OEM units are. Polyurethane spring perch bushings have a tighter overall fit and feel keeping your rear end in check and limiting the amount of deflection within your suspension when under load, similar to the 190E DTM cars of the 90s. Unlike OEM units, these Polyurethane units should never need to be replaced, and as always, all of our bushings have a lifetime warranty, so there will never be a need to purchase another control arm bushing again! 

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Product Specifications: 

  • Performance Level: Upgrade over OEM, ideal for street and track applications. 
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Fitment: OEM geometry
  • Benefit: Solid Delrin bushings last a lifetime! Reduced deflection, and improved steering feel.
  • Replaces OEM Part Number: 204-352-00-27

Difference between 80A and 95A Durometer Polyurethane

  • 80A Polyurethane is perfect for the street-driven vehicle, it is the softest poly we offer so it keeps the suspension comfortable while providing a substantial upgrade over the factory bushings.
  • 95A Polyurethane is one step above 80A in terms of hardness. These bushings are recommended for drivers who like a stiffer ride and enjoy track day weekends but also enjoy driving the car on the street.
  • Both polyurethane hardness provide a great upgrade to the handling characteristics of your 190E. It's your personal preference, both bushings are ready to take on any track or road condition you throw its way.


  • Mercedes-Benz: 190E W201 
  • Mercedes-Benz: E-Class W124
  • Mercedes-Benz: SL R129