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Odometer Gears (Mix and Match)


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Most 80s BMW and Mercedes odometers have long stopped counting miles long ago. It's one of those things that bug you but you keep putting it aside for years. Now you don't need to! We offer gear sets in the most common gear sets here to allow you to fix that broken Mercedes or BMW odometer

Now you will know when your next maintenance item or oil change is due.

Odometer repair can be expensive. Most shops charge over $200 for odometer repair! Don't overpay! The reason your Mercedes and BMW odometer is broken because of the factory odometer gears inside! Replacing these worn gears will repair it. Easy DIY installation! Installs in less than 30 minutes!

The factory Mercedes gears get soft over time (imagine how a stale Oreo cookie would feel when broken in half, that's what the gears in your current broken gauge feels like). These gears are quality made with better than OEM material with a quality fit and finish. These gears will outlive your car!

When purchasing our kit be sure to check out our INSTALLATION DIY GUIDE.


The three gears that need replacement are included.

You must know your third gear count before ordering as there are different gear counts used. Although we can point you in the right direction (the most common one for your car) we cannot guarantee the correct gear if you don't confirm the third gear count! It will have 48 outer teeth (the inner count is what changes).

In this gear kit you get

  • The infamous 12 tooth E1 gear (most common to break)
  • The middle gear (E2) is always 12/48
  • The third gear of your choice. We currently offer 12/48, 14/48. 16/48,17/48, 18/48, 19/48