Red E30/E36/E46 Rear Shock Reinforcement Kit-Steel parts-Garagistic-Garagistic

Red E30/E36/E46 Rear Shock Reinforcement Kit


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BMW sheet metal at the top of the rear shock towers in E30, E36 and E46 BMW cars are a well-known weak point. The metal tends to tear over time, especially if stiffer shocks are used. This is really cheap insurance to not need to repair shock mounts in the future which is known to be costly. There is a reason BMW sells replacement shock tower replacements (41148169028) that need to be welded in. AVOID ALL OF THAT WITH THESE.

These Garagistic reinforcement rear shock tower plates are made from 1/8" steel (that's 11 gauge, some of the thickest units on the market today). They can be welded in or used as-is. These come unpainted/uncoated so you can paint to match your car.

Its a very "bolt-on and go" solution, and are precision machined out of a heavier metal to withstand the abuse of racing and lowering. Designed to fit on top of the factory shock mount (inside the trunk). It will distribute the load over a larger area to prevent failure. It can also be used to repair already damaged towers. Set of two which is enough to do E30s, E36s, E46s and Z3s.

Price is for a pair (2 units). Enough to do 1 car.


garagistic Rear Shock Mount

Reinforcement Plate Instructions

Tip: This can be done with the vehicle on the floor. No need to jack up the vehicle

Step 1: Remove all truck liners (if you still have it installed).

Step 2: Locate and remove the strut mount nuts. 4 total ( two on each side)

Step 3: Once bolts are removed go ahead and place your garagistic rear shock mount reinforcement plates in place.

Step 4: Reinstall the 4 nuts with a dap of blue loctite and torque to 13ft-lbs and reinstall the trunk liner.

** These can be professionally welded in if your strut tower has started cracking**

E30/E36/E46 Rear Shock Mount Reinforcement Install

These plates can be bolted down to reinforce the sheet metal, or welded in place to repair cracks and damages

Leave car on ground for easy install.

Torque nuts down to 13 ft-lbs
Blue loc-tite can be used if desired