E30 Delrin Round Shifter Bushing Kit-Steel parts-Garagistic-Standard-No carrier assembly-Garagistic
E30 Delrin Round Shifter Bushing Kit-Steel parts-Garagistic-Standard-Add delrin rear carrier assembly-Garagistic
E30 Delrin Round Shifter Bushing Kit-Steel parts-Garagistic-Standard-No carrier assembly-Garagistic
E30 Delrin Round Shifter Bushing Kit-Steel parts-Garagistic-Standard-Add delrin rear carrier assembly-Garagistic

E30 Delrin Round Shifter Bushing Kit


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This is our complete E30 Delrin shifter bushing rebuild kit. Pairs great with our Supreme Shifter found here.

Our Garagistic Delrin rear carrier bushing replaces the original rubber bushing found inside 25111220707 (which not only had lots of "give" but is usually neglected and subsequently very worn out). Our upgraded solid bushing eliminates any side-to-side movement of the shifter carrier for a tight feeling shifter.

When you choose the "Add Rear Carrier Assembly" option, we will press your rear carrier bushing into a brand new Garagistic carrier assembly! This option will save you install time by eliminating the need to remove the old rubber bushing from the OEM housing, as well as eliminating the added time needed to install your new carrier bushing in your OEM housing.

The standard Delrin or the available aluminum front shifter bushings fit at the front of the aluminum carrier so NO additional vibration or harshness will be felt after these are installed. For best results, we recommend you upgrade your selector rod to a DSSR and replace your selector joint. We carry late-model E30 selector joints here.

The DSSR for your E30 can be found below:

E30 M3 / E30 325i/is / E30 325e/es - 06/1996+ / E30 318i/is - M42 / E30 24V Swap - G260

Each kit consists of:

  • Garagistic E30 Delrin Rear Carrier Bushing (fits inside 25111220707)
  • OPTIONAL: E30 Rear Carrier Bushing Pre-Pressed into New Carrier Bracket Housing
  • Garagistic Round Shifter Bushings - available standard in Delrin or upgrade to Aluminum (25117519669)
  • OEM shifter cup (25111469397 or 25111220600)
  • OEM b*tch clip (25111221849)

What BMW models does this kit fit?

  • E30 M3
  • E30 325i/is
  • E30 325e/es
  • E30 318i/is

This kit does not fit early sheet metal E30 shifters. Please check compatibility with your VIN at realoem.com or email support@garagistic.com if you are unsure.

Note on Front Carrier Shifter Bushing Fitment:

One front carrier bushing might fit differently than the other side. Click here to learn why.

Installation of Garagistic Delrin front carrier bushing (round).

Please Note: One bushing might fit different the other bushing. Click here to learn why.
Before staring, there is a certain tool that will make your life alot easier when installing these.
Its a "hook tool" Part number 926572 from Harbor Freight. It can be found here: http://www.harborfreight.com/8-inch-radiator-hose-pick-96572.html . You will use this hook tool to remove the "bitch clip". Buy this tool, it makes the job only take a few seconds.

removal of e30 bitch clip

E30 hook tool

  • The trans should be supported by the jack,
  • Lower the jack down until the jack pad is no longer touching the trans then go up slightly to hold it a small amount. you need to do this to allow the bitch clip to rotate back once its un-clipped.
  • With the hook pointed towards the driver side reach above next to the shift carrier and un-clip it.


Next is the removal of 1 13mm nut at the rear of the shift carrier.

  • Now you will have the shift carrier out of the car.
  • You need to remove the front carrier bushing.
  • Its a rubber bushing with a metal sleeve.

Use a exacto knife or a razor blade to cut the end of.

Once you cut the sleeve off you can push the rubber to the other side to remove it.


Now your shift carrier should be like this (or similar).

Now you may press the Garagistic front carrier bushing in.

garagistic delrin bushings

If you also bought the rear Delrin bushing. The following are the instructions for that.


Installation instructions for Garagistic rear Delrin bushing

Installation requires that the edge on the back of the carrier be grinded down a bit.



You can see the metal file we used in this picture and the Garagistic rear Delrin bushing (can be bought here).


Next step is to burn out the old bushing on the rear carrier bracket.

Hammer in the new Delrin bushing with the chamfered end in first.

It may be a good idea to "dimple" the metal housings after putting the bushing in.This will ensure that the  bushing doesn't slip out the back. Use a punch and hammer for this process.

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