Garagistic Extended Selector Joint

Garagistic Extended Selector Joint


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We have designed the Garagistic extended selector joint as a solution for those who wish to run an aftermarket shifter with a straight rod, such as the (Garagistic supreme and chassis shifter, AKG chassis shifter, Bimmerspeed, DriftHQ, and many more). The extra 10mm in length will counteract the change in orientation (front to rear) caused by the straight shifter rod, ensuring your shifter/knob is centered over your center console's shifter hole. This is necessary due to the straight design of many aftermarket shifters vs the OEM shifters that have a slight curve to them. It is mandatory to change early model e30 selector joints in order to use run a DSSR! 

This is the biggest small difference you can make to your shifter! No one wants a shifter thats not centered (not to mention it's a maintenance item that you need to change when putting your dssr either way!).  Produced in-house out of billet aluminum, we have taken the 30+-year-old selector joint design and brought it up to date by swapping out the plastic stationary bushing for a precision sealed bearing assembly and extending it 10mm. By utilizing our new DSSR hardware shoulder bolt that replaces the traditional pins and clips, this new design allows you to snug the DSSR down on the selector joint without any binding and further eliminates any remaining slop in the shifter assembly for absolute precision. 

We recommend replacing your selector joint every time you refresh the shifter components to ensure a consistent tight feel. Why not upgrade to the Garagistic Billet Selector Joint!


All BMW Getrag and ZF transmissions, especially those applicable to E30 and E36 chassis.