M42 E30 318 I/IS DSSR - 25111221627 and 25111221250 (Fits Some E34s)-DSSRs-Garagistic-Garagistic

M42 E30 318 I/IS DSSR - 25111221627 and 25111221250 (Fits Some E34s)


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M42 E30 318 I/IS DSSR - 25111221627 AND 25111221250 (FITS SOME E34S)

Introducing the Garagistic E30 M42 318I/IS DSSR selector rod. This DSSR is meant for BMW models that have the selector rod part number 25111221627 or 25111221250. This selector rod is normally found in M40/M42 powered E30s, but can also be found in various E34s with M20s or M50s. Please take note that you must check your stock selector rod before ordering to find out if you have a straight selector rod or bent version.

Note: 25111221627 - Straight DSSR (also found in M50 powered E34 5 series. 25111221250 - Bent DSSR (also found in some M20 and M50 powered E34 5 series. Our DSSR will only fit on models originally equipped with this part number by removing the metal guibo harmonic disc)

1984 - 1988 models must change to later BMW selector joint part# 25117503525.

So what's a DSSR?

Well it stands for double shear selector rod. A DSSR will spread the torsional force on both sides of the selector rod instead of the OEM piece which connects from one side only. Based on the concept of the E30 M3 DTM cars of legend! Going to a DSSR in your E30 will mean less play in the shifter, (decreases side to side motion). This means a more precise and smooth shift every time.


garagistic DSSR

Installation Instructions

Step 1: With a flat head screwdriver remove the locking clip by pushing on the inside lip of the clip to slide it off the selector rod on the shifter side on selector joint side.

Step 2: Wiggle and pull the selector rod until its free on both ends. Pay attention to the bends of the selector rod and how it came off as it will be your guide on how to install the DSSR in the proper direction.

Step 3: Grab your garagistic DSSR and starting with the selector joint side first line up the holes on the DSSR with the selector joint. It should be a tight fit but if its too tight open the tabs a bit till you achieve proper fitment. Once aligned slide the provided pins in with a washer on each side followed by the c-clip to lock it in. Repeat on the shifter side.

Notice: If you upgraded to a Z3 shifter you will have to shave down the sides of the shifter for the DSSR to fit


This instructional guide is intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products. In no event shall Garagistic be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental injuries or damages whatsoever.