E30/E36/E46/Z3/Z4 Bump Steer Adjustable Tie Rod - Installation Instructions - K0474-K0476-K0477

Garagistic E30/E36/E46/Z3/Z4 Bump Steer Adjustable Tie Rod - INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - K0474-K0476-K0477



These instructions apply to the following Garagistic parts-

Product Overview

Garagistic Bump Steer Adjustable Front Tie Rods allow the front outer tie rod end pivot to be relocated, which can be used to correct bump steer resulting from modified caster or lower arm geometry, making your car easier to drive and lowering lap times.

All instruction photos were taken from our video where we cover the installation process. Check it out if you prefer the instructions in video form! 


Step #1

Remove OEM tie rod. We recommend measuring your stock tie-rod's adjustment so you can match it as close as possible when installing the new tie rods. This should get your alignment close enough to take to an alignment shop once the install is complete. 

Use a ball-joint separator or pickle fork if the tie rod end is stuck to your strut/knuckle.

NOTE - Keep the oem lock nut as you will need that to secure the new Garagistic Tie Rod

Step #2

Thread on your new Garagistic Tie Rod Ends


Step #3

There will be 2 spacers included with your tie rod ends. 1 of these spacers must be installed below the ball joint and the second must be added to either the top or bottom of the ball joint depending on the clearance you will see in the next step. For now, place the second spacer on either the top or bottom of the ball joint and secure the tie rod end to your strut/knuckle.

Step #4

Once your tie rod end is tightened onto your strut/knuckle with the spacers installed, you will want to jack up your strut/knuckle to your ride height. You will then check if there is contact between the top portion of the outter tie rod and the spherical ball joint. If there is, then you will want to move 1 spacer to the opposite side of the ball joint.

Step #5

 Tighten the top nut that secured the tie-rod end to the strut/knuckle at 48 ft/lb and tighten the lock nut against the tie-rod.

Step #6

Take your car to a professional alignment shop and enjoy!